Friday, February 13, 2004

Van Morrison puts the V in Valentine's

It's hard to find love songs that aren't drenched in either schmaltz or pheromones. So listen to lots of Van Morrison. Put "Crazy Love," "Tupelo Honey," most of Astral Weeks, and Veedon Fleece on repeat and dance the night away with your "lahvah." Don't even think about his lyrics--they don't amount to any coherent message or story; they're just part of the instrumentals. What stands out about VM is "a conceit that would become the philosophical and emotional cornerstone of all of Van's subsequent works: the belief that love between a man and a woman is the closest mortal, earthbound beings like ourselves can come to experiencing Heaven (at least in this life)." Another "aesthetic" reason for why I cannot accept the moral equivalence of homosexualism.