Saturday, February 14, 2004

Fortitude & Fear

"Fortitude presupposes in a certain sense that man is afraid of evil; its essence lies not in knowing no fear, but in not allowing oneself into evil by fear, or to be kept by fear from the realization of the good." (The Four Cardinal Virtues, Pieper)

I can't stand Michael Moore, but one thing he's on the mark about is America's culture of fear. With the War on Terrorism and the Patriot Act, we're becoming more like Michael Corleone than we'd like to admit:
TOM: Alright -- just consider this Mike -- that's all, just consider it. Now Roth and the Rosatos are on the run -- are they worth it? And are they strong? -- is it worth it? -- I mean you've won -- do you have to wipe everyone out?

MICHAEL: I don't feel I have to wipe everyone out -- just my enemies -- that's all. You gonna come along with me in these things I have to do -- or what? Because if not you can take your wife, your family, and your mistress -- and move 'em all to Las Vegas.

--From The Godfather, Part II