Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama & Privatized Religion

Another amazing speech by Obama tonight, towering oratorically over all the other candidates. But with each stirring speech Obama delivers, my resistance to him only grows. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that Obama's message is energized by a perverse but powerful nation-wide spiritual vacuum created by the privatized, cafeteria, cotton-candy, intangible pseudo-religion that dominates this country brought to you by Church-eviscerating Protestantism. It's no wonder we're seeing so many bobo evangelicals falling for him.

I did feel his dreamy eloquence tug at my heart strings, but then the Catholic in me stood up: "I'm sorry, but I am not cynical about your dream. Don't tell me I am just because I don't want your dream. And here's why I don't want your dream: I already have Big Church. It's been feeding, healing, teaching, disciplining, loving, unifying, reconciling, and saving millions of souls for 2000 years around the globe, thank you very much. So when are you going to get around to running for President of a constitutional republic and not Secular-Liberal Messiah of the Universe?"