Tuesday, February 24, 2004

More DPP shenanigans

Protest the KMT, protest mainland China, now protest the dude who allegedly kept Sean Connery from lending his kilted and beknighted presence to the Hands-around-Taiwan protest. At least Scotland has a few homegrown treasures the Brits don't. And Scottish fervor for independence wasn't fueled by love for some anti-British empire, unlike the fervor of the Nippophile Taiwanese elite. If the Taiwanese had something of unique global worth besides huge foreign reserves (like Scotch whisky!), then independence ideology might have some authenticity. Until then, these attempts to enlist the Sons of Scotland as kindred spirits in separatism just make us look like idiots.

Remember the 2-2-8 Incident with reverence, not political grandstanding. Or consider some intriguing revisionist theories.