Monday, March 22, 2004

Next denominational victim in the culture wars--UMC

WaPo covers the trial of Karen Dammann, ordained Methodist minister discovered to be living in a lesbian relationship, which violates Methodist laws. (I didn't even know they had laws.) Amidst the inclusivist fervor dominating the proceedings, this "conservative" layperson comments:

"Karen the person is very likable," he said. "Karen the symbol is where I have a problem. When she gets up in the pulpit as a symbol, she's in conflict with Methodist law, religion and religious values."

Yeah, but when "It's just a symbol" is the de facto motto of Protestant sacramental theology, he doesn't have much ground for the distinction. For plenty of Methodists, I gather, Karen the symbol is very well the fulfillment of Methodist law, religion and religious value. You make your theological bed, you gotta sleep in it. Stay tuned for the next episode of "When nihilistic subjectivism strikes."