Friday, March 12, 2004

More from Godspy

A recurring topic of conversation among some friends has been the "new orthodoxy" spreading in Christian America. Some see it as a triumph of the Holy Spirit. Some see it as an epiphenomenon of the rising social and political conservatism after 911. I'm still not so sure. Reading this, I wonder how much of it is just a psychosocial reaction to the dehumanizing banality of postmodern bliss.
I must admit that somewhere in the depths of my postmodern liberalized heart I secretly envy [Timothy] McVeigh's tenacity, even as I am appalled by his actions. When I read the news of my former church's persecution, I felt a tremendous urge to abandon my sense of grace and nuance and, once again, fight the good fight of faith. The truth is, I miss the genuine dissent of fundamentalism; I've grown weary of purchasing clever t-shirts that mock society. I want to believe arrogantly. I want to be more narrow-minded. I want to see in black and white. But I can't. So I buy, while others bomb.