Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Denominational brand marketing

Add mainline denoms to Madison Avenue's clientele list. They say TV ads are a necessary outreach strategy in media-obsessed America. Funny, the Ivy League doesn't seem to think so. No one seems to need to be told they want to go to Harvard. What these churches are refusing to see is that their "product" just sucks. Contrast with the Catholic Church, against which the media has been propagating plenty of dis-advertisements, yet numbers continue to grow. Trying to be a church without a real Eucharist is like trying to sell Apple computers with PC processors or Chanel perfume with bottled piss. When it comes to religion, it's the product, not the marketing, stupid. And to extend the business analogy, if it's ever about packaging, Catholics have always had that covered; we call it "sacraments."