Friday, January 05, 2007

Pope St. Gregory the Iconodule

The Lion and the Cardinal has posted an eloquent missive from Pope Gregory to Emperor Leo from the iconoclasm controversies of the 8th century. Here, Gregory just as aptly addresses the Vatican II Church:
But you have ordered the people to abstain from the pictures, and have attempted to satisfy them with idle sermons, trivialities, music of pipe and zither, rattles and toys, turning them from the giving of thanks to the hearing of idle tales. You shall have your part with them, and with those who invent useless fables and babble of their ignorance.
And here, Gregory displays a vivid Apostolic consciousness, holding himself partly responsible for the fidelity of politicians to the Gospel:
But we shall blush for shame, because you will have lost your soul by your disobedience, while the Popes that proceeded us have won over to God the Emperors of their life times. How ashamed we will be on that day, that the Emperor of our time is false and ignominious, instead of great and glorious. Now, therefore, we exhort you to do penance; be converted and turn to the truth; obey the truth as you found and received it. Honor and glorify our holy and glorious Fathers and Doctors who dispelled the blindness from our eyes and restored us to sight.
Would that our bishops blushed a little more over their Congressional flock...