Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Habemus ad Nauseum

I keep seeing new articles and posts arguing for the "hermeneutics of continuity" in Catholic liturgy. I've stopped reading them, mainly because it's a settled matter for me. But what gets me is that these orthodox liturgical thinkers seem to write as if the other side is listening. They're not. I mean, is there any real theological substance to the argument against preserving what has been and should be a constant in Catholic liturgies (Christocentric, eucharistic, ecclesial reverence)? No. The progs in the Church may think V2 started one, but they don't care much for squaring their theology with the fullness or the (Balthasarian) "form" of the Tradition, or with anything that pre-dates V2 for that matter. You think Mahony or any Barney-dressing priests give a hoot what Arinze or Benedict says or what the NLM is blogging about? No. Have any progs been convinced and swam the nave? No. When was the last time you heard of a proggie liturgist converting to the traditional liturgy? Progs love their proggie liturgies and nothing else unproggie matters. They even get this eerie giddy look on the faces that screams from underneath, "I hate kneeling and chanting!"

So I think it needs to be said that there is NO debate going on, both descriptively speaking and substantively. It's not theology and doctrinal thought that matters anyway, it's about happy times and embracing our...whatever. If the progs were to actually address orthodox liturgists, they'd lose, pure and simple. It really is that simple.

Bishops haven't even called us to debate these "liturgy matters" in a time when "dialogue" and evermore dialogue is their default policy for all controversies (my, how the Unitarians have taught them well).

In essence, I can't help but feel blueballed for my liturgy friends who are so desperately seeking that next declaration from Rome that put all our liturgical nonsense to bed. Unless someone makes our heretical clerics listen and step up to face the fearsome testimony of the martyrs and saints of the Church, all these books, articles, and blogposts just leave me feeling numb.