Friday, December 01, 2006

A sign of contradiction

John Allen of NCR, once again, proves his minerals by piercing through media misunderstanding of Catholicism. The secularist mind sees a contradiction between B16's warmth toward Islam in this visit and his insistence on Europe's need to give historic Christianity its due. MSM has also been meming (with some underlying giddiness) about his supposed volte-face on Turkey's EU bid, which Allen addresses here. As Catholicism teaches and Allen demonstrates, disordered Reason will see contradictions where none exist and ignore glaring contradictions where they do.

I think Allen's a little too soft on the press for their characterization of B16's statements, which were made privately to PM Erdogan and never officially released to the public, as a "flip-flop," but that may be because Charles Donahue of the Catholic League has already staked out a huge chunk of the field on this issue in his usual hyperbolic way.