Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wright's Demands to the Man

From The Christian Century, one of the last of the great mainline Protestant institutions, a year ago:
I asked Wright what response white churches should make to his Africentric gospel. He referred to a crash course on inner-city ministry he used to teach to white seminarians. He would close the course by telling them that the final exam was this: when their friends or family or parishioners exhibited racism, the students should speak up. If they didn't, they failed the course. And only they and God would know.
First of all, when did they stop using "Afrocentric" and how is "AfrIcentric" an improvement? I can't keep up with the PC dictionary. Secondly, if that's all Wright wants from the white devils, then all his "prophetic preaching" really is just a joke and a stunt.