Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Our Worst Critics Prefer To Stay"

is the winner of the contest for Best 6-Word Motto for the US over at the NY Times' Freakonomics blog. I heartily concur with the Freakonomicons.

It's also why I'm always amused by the cowardly litanies of the Catholic Church's sins by the Bill Maher-Penn & Teller-HuffPo-Kos idiocracy, which is supposed to present us Catholics with overpowering reasons against continued membership in her rolls. Next to the sins of Uncle Sam, Mother Church may still be a whore, but she's no butcher. So if we're not crazy for prizing our US passports, spare me the sanctimonious lecture for how I cling to my rosary.

The anti-Catholic blowhards aren't even critics. They're too childish and ignorant to deserve the title. The Catholic Church: Our best & worst critics prefer to stay.