Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mahony's theology of the Cross

Came across this passing comment from Mahony in an email to his attorneys (part of a file which has been made public obviously). I've been digging more into the LA Archdiocese's legal adventures since it's all related to a paper I'm working on. It was written in 2002 when the media and legal headaches were mounting on His Eminence.
What a Holy Week--filled with Good Fridays, no Easter Sundays!!
If you're looking for deeper causes of the Western Church's degradation, it's all in that exclamation. It's become a popular notion that Good Friday represents bad news and Easter the good news. Hence the platitudes about how we're an "easter people" who prefer "resurrection crucifixes" and sing happy-clappy songs at Mass. But when bishops responsible for catechesis and doctrinal formation of their flocks privately espouse such Christologically heretical notions, we're all in trouble. What's the point if the Paschal Mystery has been rewritten as a Hollywood script -- Cross=crisis; Rez=happy ending?

Glory in the Cross, Mahony! The Cross was your Lord's crowning, His victory over Death, not just the Resurrection! Remember the eternal memory of the saints who cleaved to the Holy Cross! Then maybe you'll spend more time with your confessor and less time doing damage control with your lawyers!