Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Church will not be marketed

Lion & Cathedral with another gem for all Catholic converts & enthusiasts, on the silly games we play with ourselves over choice of confession:
When Catholic evangelists try to convince people to like Catholicism, they convince them that it is something that exists to be liked. But whether people like doctrines and moral precepts and traditions is irrelevant. They are not marketing tools. They do not exist to be liked, at least not in the sense that something a man chooses for himself is liked. The Church exists to be loved in the way that a mother is loved, and nobody chooses his mother. The Church demands a loyalty that is as inseverable as the bond of maternity; a loyalty that is maintained even when it is unpleasant. The Catholic Church will not triumph by being marketed more effectively; this will not instill in people a conviction that they must honor her because of who she is, whether her qualities are to their liking or not.
Makes you wonder about the wisdom behind efforts like this:
Had someone called central casting in a Hollywood studio and asked for a Catholic look-alike of the magnetic Pentecostal preachers today marching across Latin America, they could not have done much better than Oscar Osorio.

Osorio, an articulate Honduran layman with a wife and four children, is a leader in the Catholic Charismatic movement in Central America. He’s also a star of Channel 48, the Catholic television network in Honduras, where his compelling Bible-based preaching opens each morning’s programming.