Thursday, June 24, 2004

The cult of youth

It's hard to get too angry over these imbecile pro-choice Catholic politicians. Sort of like witnessing a college frosh come home enamored with his new nipple ring and then cry like a baby when it gets infected. It gets at one of my favorite quotes from von Balthasar:
The cult of youth is always a sign of the graying of a culture. Just as it is true that every stage of life has its own meaning, which resists funtionalization, it is equally true that youth is internally disposed toward maturity and formation. To praise the condition of being young as an absolute, self-contained value, or even as the highest value, gives evidence of a disjointed hierarchy of values. Further proof is given by the kind of men, produced by youth movements, who remain permanently infantile. To be a child and remain a child before God is something totally different, which indeed requires human maturity.
Over in the Diocese of Lexington, KY, a bishop is just fulfilling his magisterial obligations and 2 politicians in his flock respond with phlegm like:

"I plan to continue taking Communion and would love to receive it from a woman priest some day soon,"

"anti-abortion advocates don't have a monopoly on the faith."

"I certainly believe there are a lot of good American Catholics who believe in choice,"

"the bishop's statements would not keep me from taking the Eucharist."

"My position is that legislators do not have a right to impose their religious views on others and that's all I'm going to say,"

"I go to Communion when I want to go, and no bishop, no pope, they're not going to keep me from my religion,"

Boohoo. What's the big deal? Bishop admonishes you not to take Communion, you submit to his authority and save some face--hello, he's giving you an out! Chalk it up to the cost of doing the business of politics in the Democratic Party and you can go on worshipping yourself. In the immortal words of Hyman Roth: I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen -- I didn't ask who gave the order -- because it had nothing to do with business! A fictional criminal like Roth ends up showing more wisdom than these masturbatorial children of the Church who take their lines from Dr. Evil/Mini-Me.