Monday, April 26, 2004

Martin Sheen striking a Catholic pose

Way to go, President Bartlett.
Actor Martin Sheen has backed out of being listed as an endorser for the pro-abortion march sponsored by leading abortion advocacy groups. Whether the listing of him as a sponsor was accidental or if Sheen didn't know the march's purpose is to support abortion is still a question.
Back in my protest politics days, I remember taking delight in an anecdote of Martin Sheen getting arrested at a civil disobedience against the "School of the Americas." A reporter asked him as he was being cuffed, "Mr. Sheen, are you here because you're Communist?!" He replied resoundingly, "No, much worse -- 'cuz I'm Catholic!" He's a loosey-goosey on several issues, but you gotta love his Catholic bravado.