Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Catholics for getting off of Kerry

Yes, there are plenty of valid arguments for why Catholics should reject Kerry. But I'm rather apathetic to the whole thing. There's no confusion in my mind that Kerry is a poorly catechized Catholic. But he's not maliciously so; more ignorantly so. That seems equally clear. And whatever stubbornness may dwell in his liberal brain comes from a lot of brainwashing by the culture most American Catholics share. In addition, he's had his head so far up beltway Democratic culture that he simply seems incapable of grasping orthodox Catholicism. Luckily, I don't look to him for any guidance whatsoever on how to be a good Catholic. Now any Catholic who does is even more poorly catechized than Kerry. Any Catholic who fears that millions of Catholics will be misled by Kerry the Pied Piper into heresy is drifting towards paranoia.

It's all very distracting, for I'd like to hear more arguments on why orthodox Catholics should actually choose Bush. That's one conversation conspicuously missing. So far the only answer from the Catholic Repubicans seems to be that Bush is not pro-choice like Kerry. If I believed that POTUS's first and foremost responsibility was the elimination of abortion, then that answer would carry a lot of weight with me. If I believed that POTUS has the power to compel or coerce women into more abortions, then that answer would carry a lot of weight for me. Neither is the case, so in the meantime, I say we get off of Kerry and eliminate abortion from our own ranks first. And let's just see how Catholic Bush is.