Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Models of the Catholic Church: Lightning Rod

The Catholic Church is a lightning rod. The polarized ire of all is drawn to her like static electricity from above to the metal spikes that form her back. I follow Abuse Tracker assiduously. I study the Orthodox as they blast away at her failings and infidelities to the ancient faith. I take in the schismatic traditionalists and the evangelicals who point out her deviations from Tradition and Scripture, respectively. I feel the (well-deserved) contempt from secular society of the Church's desperate, disingenuous and contradictory attempts to preach life despite the necrosis that infects her. I can only guess at the magnitude of God's wrath for her sins.

I just cling to the possibility that as lightning rod, she remains the only sure ark of salvation, however filthy, for me.