Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cao, Jindal & Asian-American Catholics

It's officially a banner year for our rarefied demographic. Or, it's just another colorful hiccup in Louisiana politics. Then again, Louisianans seem to love keeping their political hiccups going (see Sheriff Harry Lee of Jefferson Parish).

The GOP is now taking stock of the role of minority ethnic conservatives in rejuvenating the party (Jindal and Cao, as far as I know, are not products of any self-conscious marketing effort to mobilize the Asian-American electorate). Asian America might want to note how religion can sharpen that which makes AA perspectives unique in America, as well how our own captivity to elitist and materialist liberal ideologies cheapens the legacy of our forebears. Liberal Catholics might want to reassess how their "third-world liberation theologies" produce more dictators and terrorists than honest politicians like Jindal and Cao.