Friday, September 14, 2007

Liturgical Lace or Lingerie?

The MP seems to have created a bull market for lace these days. But the reform of the reform will not be complete until we eliminate the liturgical lingerie that bedecks our supposedly male clergy. I really cannot comprehend how the Triddies drool over all the negligees and peignoir that pass for vestments, and yet expect to combat the gaying of our clergy. Lace should only be permitted as a trim no wider than a couple of inches. And if it must be wider than that, it absolutely CANNOT be sheer, which is what really gives our clergy that Baroque-transvestite look. It's particularly perverted when we force our little altar boys to dress up in those girly outfits. Makes you wonder about the role of lace in the ephebo/pedophile cases.

Exhibit A: this obscenity to the right here even has the little dainty satin bow and a plunging neckline for our viewing pleasure. Get yours at Victoria's Sacristy.