Monday, August 21, 2006

Cosby vindicated

Finally, to hear a Black American defend Bill Cosby from the left. Maybe there's hope for Black Democrats after all.
Cosby asked the chilling question: "What good is Brown " and all the victories of the civil rights era if nobody wants them? A generation after those major civil rights victories, black America is experiencing alarming dropout rates, shocking numbers of children born to single mothers and a frightening acceptance of criminal behavior that has too many black people filling up the jails. Where is the focus on taking advantage of new opportunities to advance and to close the racial gap in educational and economic achievement?
I'm a socially-conservative Asian-American Catholic who adores Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. Both men in their later years embodied the kind of humility, honor, and dignity that represents the true face of Black Pride. Unfortunately today, most black politicians on the left have no sense of cultivating masculine virtues in young black men, only the trite therapeutic ideologies of the Democratic Party. Kudos Juan Williams for trying to pull the ship back on course.