Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hardly elementary, my dear Watson

For all the critical humanism taught in the core curriculum at UChicago's College and for all the Mary Ann Glendons, Leon Kasses, and David Brookses it produces, you still get Carl Sagans and Nobel-prize winning James Watsons who are just nuts, as in this encounter with the latter:
Watson looked me in the eye and told me he was qualified to advocate in favor of mothers choosing to abort "unhealthy" children because he wished he could have aborted his own son, who is mentally handicapped.

He went on, unprodded, to say that he was an "unbeliever," so he was sure he would have had no moral qualms about killing his own child.
...proving once again that a strong "liberal education" is hardly any prophylactic against monstrous evil, or maybe that they just needed to spend less time in Kent Hall and more in Cobb Hall. Or I'm just a fool since nowadays UChicago profs are disavowing any moral formation in the "Aims of Education."